Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid

Extremely Efficient Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water

Save 50% on Heating/Cooling Energy Costs & FREE Hot Water 24/7

Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid Geothermal

Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid Geothermal

The new Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid can make full use of abundant free renewable energy, saving up to 50% of energy costs. Rinnai’s unique Geoflo hybrid geothermal system utilises this renewable energy through ground loop heat exchangers to reliably provide efficient heating and cooling to achieve the comfort you need. Most importantly, in addition to the efficiently heating and cooling your premises, Rinnai’s revolutionary Geoflo Hybrid technology can also transfer excess energy to the hot water storage tank during operation, thereby effectively providing FREE hot water 24/7. See video below to see how Rinnai Geoflo geothermal works.

How does Geothermal Heating work?

Click on the video to discover how the Rinnai Geoflo geothermal technology works, and an explanation of how the heat pump extracts green renewable energy from the earth through a ground loop heat exchanger.

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Geothermal heating Melbourne

Every day the ground absorbs approximately half of the sun’s energy that reaches earth and stores it at a steady temperature. Rinnai’s Geoflo geothermal system utilises this renewable energy source via a ground loop heat exchanger to reliably deliver highly efficient heating and cooling to achieve your desired level of comfort.

Conventional cooling and heating systems heavily rely on fluctuating outside air temperatures to operate. Rinnai’s Geoflo geothermal utilises stable ground temperatures and conditions your home with greater reliability in performance regardless of the outside temperature.

Geothermal Heating FAQ's

What is Geothermal Heating?

Unlike more traditional HVAC systems, geothermal heating varies in that it takes its heat from below the surface of the earth.

Geothermal Heating is suitable for a range of premises, from large commercial buildings, such as offices with multiple storeys, all the way through to smaller homes.

Essential, Geothermal Heating harnesses the natural warming capabilities and consistent temperature of the earth (below the surface) to heat your home or business.

How does Geothermal Heating work?

Geothermal Heating uses heat from the sun, soaked up by pipes or loops underground during the day. The pipes include a liquid that allows the heat from these pipes to be distributed all the way to the heat pump below your home or business installed by a heating expert.

This pump then sends the heated air through to the central air conditioning system and into your home.

Is Geothermal Heating cheaper than other HVAC systems?

While how much money you will save on a Geothermal Heating system will depend on many different things, such as your current home or business’s energy requirements, or whether or not your premises is properly insulated, Geothermal Heating is generally considered a cost-effective option for most of our Melbourne clients.

A Geothermal Heating system is highly efficient compared to many other types of conventional electric or gas heating options, with a Geothermal Heating system producing between 3 to 4.5 units of heat for your home or business for every unit of energy, making it a highly efficient heating system.

So what does this mean for you? It could potentially mean major savings on your energy bill and a highly effective heating system that provides outstanding coverage.